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At Air-tronics, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide expert consulting and personalized customer care that will make your machining project a success. Our unique combination of services allows us to find solutions and make things possible for you, while being there for you every step of the way. Additionally, our company is listed on the China Stock Exchange as "Delphilaser" (stock code: 688170), so you can trust us to meet all of your machining needs with professionalism and expertise.

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Air-tronics is a leading innovator in laser industrial applications in China. AeeFar is the premier provider for both laser equipment and intelligent manufacturing solutions worldwide and is also the core subsidiary of the well-known national high-tech listed company Delphi Laser.

Air-tronics has been a significant contributor to modern industry, working on numerous national key projects and major scientific and technological research projects related to laser technology and optical manufacturing. Our optical manufacturing processes allow us to meet market demand and application scenarios. As part of our commitment to technological innovation, Air-tronics is continuously pushing the boundaries between laser technology and intelligent manufacturing, breaking industry barriers by offering advanced tools and concepts to drive human production and enable social services.


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Did you know? A large number of every-day products are produced using laser. Our technology is used in many different industries to materials processing, micromachining, advanced & scientific, medical.



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Here, you can keep track of our latest laser technology updates, industry trends, and case studies from the world of Air Tronics, Inc.

Furthermore, we collaborate with colleagues in the electronics sector and other stakeholders to advance shared regulatory and industry practices.



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At Air-tronics, we operate globally in some of the most exciting, dynamic, and demanding markets imaginable. Through technological innovations, we create new trends and set standards. Our employees are our greatest strength - they are doers, dynamic people, turbo tinkerers, power professionals, and horizon broadeners who embrace change with creativity while remaining energetic, flexible, and independent in meeting any challenge head-on - the cornerstones of Air Tronics!


We are AeeFar Airtronics TechMORE DETAILSDetail


Material processing and micro-material processing

In material processing, lasers with average optical power above 1 kilowatt are used mainly for industrial materials processing applications. Beyond this power threshold there are thermal issues related to the optics that separate these lasers from their lower-power counterparts. Laser systems in the 50-300W range are used primarily for pumping, plastic welding and soldering applications. Lasers above 300W are used in brazing, thin metal welding, and sheet metal cutting applications. The required brightness (as measured in by the beam parameter product) is higher for cutting applications than for brazing and thin metal welding. High power applications, such as hardening, cladding, and deep penetrating welding, require multiple kW of optical power, and are used in a broad range of industrial processes.


Micro material processing is a category that includes all laser material processing applications under 1 kilowatt. The use of lasers in Micro Materials Processing has found broad application in the development and manufacturing of screens for smartphones, tablet computers, and LED TVs.

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